Return, Refund & Exchange Policy

Delivery Time

Raphael’s Flowers & Gifts is generally unable to guarantee a specific delivery time. The precise time of delivery varies and depends on the schedule of our delivery personnel .In some cases, however, we are able to guarantee morning or afternoon delivery. If this is the case, you will be notified during the purchase process. 

Late Deliveries

If we are unable to deliver your item on the selected date due to circumstances within our control, you are entitled to a full refund. If, on the other hand, we are unable to make a delivery as scheduled due to circumstances outside our control (the unavailability of your recipient or a wrong address, for example), we do not issue a refund. If a recipient is unavailable when we attempt delivery, we will leave a note requesting a call to schedule delivery. If appropriate, we will also contact you when delivery issues arise. 

Incorrect Delivery Information

As stated above, if you have given us incorrect delivery information, we cannot offer guaranteed delivery. You will be given the opportunity to adjust the information up to two business days before the delivery date. If our delivery personnel report that the delivery address is incorrect, we will attempt to contact you and acquire new information. We will not be liable, however, if we are unable to make a delivery due to incorrect delivery information, and we will not be able to issue a refund. 

Undeliverable Locations

Orders to hospitals, hotels, or company addresses are not guaranteed, but in most cases arrive as requested. If your delivery is going to such a location, please provide the name and telephone number of the hospital, hotel, or company. In the case of hospitals, we also need the recipient’s ward and room number.

Raphael’s Flowers & Gifts will attempt to deliver your bouquet in accordance with each facility’s procedures, but cannot be held liable if these procedures prevent successful delivery.

Please note that many hospitals do not permit delivery to individual rooms, and that most ICUs do not permit flower delivery at all. Please check with the hospital before placing your order.

Raphael’s Flowers & Gifts cannot issue a refund if unable to make a delivery due to these issues.

Refused Deliveries
If a recipient refuses delivery, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Products and images

Products only contain the items listed in the product description.

Vases and other items are not included unless stated in the product description and are only used for display purposes.

Product photos of Flower Bouquets always represent the medium size.

Product photos are a representation of the arrangements and may vary (see Substitution Policy below).

Refund Requests and Claims

If your order was unsatisfactory, you may request a refund by submitting a claim within two business days after the delivery date. In case of quality issues, or other concerns you may have in relation to your flowers sent or received, a number of resolutions may be available to you and are subject to your particular situation.

Nevertheless, after submitting the claim, our customer service, will request that you send a digital picture of the delivered product.

Online Orders: All refunds for orders placed online will be credited back to the original credit card on which the order was purchased.

Telephone Orders: All refunds for orders placed over the Telephone will be credited back to the original credit card on which the order was purchased.

In store Purchases: Refunds for in-store purchases may be processed through the original credit card for which the order was purchased.

Cash Purchases:  A voucher for the same amount paid will be issued for all cash purchases. 

Order Changes

To change your order, please contact Customer Service using at Changes can only be made two business days or more prior to the scheduled delivery date.

Payment Processing Issues
If you provide us with incorrect or invalid credit card or payment information, we cannot process your order. We will attempt to contact you to resolve the issue, but you will be responsible for any issues arising as a result thereof.

Quality Policy

Flower arrangements are unique and handmade, so no two are ever identical. Every effort is made to match orders as closely as possible to the product photos and descriptions. While minor variations are sometimes necessary, the concept and value of the item ordered is always guaranteed.

Products and Images

Products only contain the items listed in the product description vases and other items are not included unless stated in the product description. Product photos of flower bouquets represent the average bouquet size, and may vary in minor ways (please see our Substitution Policy, below).Raphael’s Flowers & Gifts is not responsible for decreased flower and plant quality due to an incorrect delivery address supplied by the sender, or a re-route requested by the sender.

Orders will always be charged in Philippine Pesos . Raphael’s Flowers & Gifts makes a daily adjustment to its prices for other listed currencies, but these conversions are only an approximation. Raphael’s Flowers & Gifts cannot be held responsible for any currency conversion differences and/or charges made by your financial institution. For the most accurate pricing, please refer to the US Dollar currency option.


Cancellations for a full refund are allowed if made Two (2) business days or more prior to the scheduled delivery date. If an order is cancelled less than One(1)  business day prior to the delivery date, no refund will be issued.

Duplicate Orders

If you placed two or more identical orders and you let us know about it, you will receive a full refund for the duplicated order, provided that the local florist does not make and deliver the item.

Substitution Policy

In some cases, local florists may not have some items referenced in the product description in stock, and careful substitutions of equal or greater value will be necessary. In those cases, when possible, we will ask you for permission to make a substitution. If we are unable to reach you, or there is insufficient time to do so, we will proceed with the substitution.

Roses, however, will NEVER be substituted with other flowers or floral products without requesting your confirmation first.

If a local florist does not have a requested product, we will replace it with a similar one or add the money paid for the item to the value of the flowers and create a bigger bouquet.